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Yoga Mat Cleaning Machine Mitigates COVID Spend

Cleanliness and sanitization is a top priority for every business. Gyms and fitness studios are no exception. Yoga mats are a magnet for germs and it’s important to clean the yoga mats in your studio. Many offered tea tree oil, sprays, or wipes to students on a minimal basis pre-COVID. But, these times have pushed […]... Continue reading

Clean Your Yoga Mat = Heart Healthy Good Habits

February is heart health month. One in three women will die of heart diseases and one in four men. Yoga can be the answer to a healthier heart but don’t forget to clean your yoga mat. So what can you do to take better care of your heart? Reduce your risk factors. Eat more fruits […]... Continue reading

Share the Love with your Clients with Complimentary Yoga Mat Cleaning

February is here and Valentine’s Day is coming – the day when lovers and loved ones express affection with greetings, cards, and chocolates. Around the country, exercise enthusiasts are returning indoors to workout and enjoy fitness classes. It’s time to show your members the “love”.  MatFresher is the only yoga mat cleaning machine that loves your […]... Continue reading

5 Tips for Yoga Studio Owners to Reopen Responsibly 

COVID Conditions are getting better COVID-19 vaccines are now available. Hospital ICU beds are at lower percentages for COVID. Total case numbers are decreasing and restrictions on yoga and fitness studios are loosening. Being ready to open your gym or studio for full indoor classes is key. There are many things you can do to […]... Continue reading

The Truth About UV Light for Sanitizing Yoga Mats

Sanitizing yoga mats with UV light is new. Consumers have become interested in ultraviolet light for sanitizing surfaces and objects.  Research shows that UVC radiation can be highly effective at disinfecting air, water and nonporous surfaces. The effectiveness of UV light depends on the amount of light, distance from the surface, and time of exposure. […]... Continue reading

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