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Yoga Mat Cleaning Machine Mitigates COVID Spend

Cleanliness and sanitization is a top priority for every business. Gyms and fitness studios are no exception. Yoga mats are a magnet for germs and it’s important to clean the yoga mats in your studio. Many offered tea tree oil, sprays, or wipes to students on a minimal basis pre-COVID. But, these times have pushed owners/operators to adopt new CDC cleaning protocols and in some industries, these charges have been passed onto the consumer. It is common now for restaurants to charge customers an extra 3-5% surcharge to make up for lost revenues. When every dollar matters, one way to help improve cleanliness and add to the bottom line is with MatFresher, the yoga mat cleaning machine.

time is money

Installing a MatFresher yoga mat cleaning machine in your studio can help you sanitize yoga mats and increase revenues. The best part is that MatFresher is free. Here’s how you can influence your students to use MatFresher.

Here are four ways to keep cleaning expenses down and get your students to use MatFresher, the yoga mat cleaning machine. 

  1. Make clean mats mandatory. Many students have a relationship with their yoga mat. It’s loved and cherished but who knows where it’s been? Ask students to clean their outside mats right when they enter the studio. This will create a new check-in ritual and help keep your yoga studio germ-free. Have students who rent mats clean it at the MatFresher to show others how easy it is to use. 
  2. Make a partner pledge. Ask students to do their share in keeping the studio open and safe by asking them to pledge a clean mat after every class… or at the very least once a week. Have them sign a board that they’ve cleaned their mat and raffle off a free class or yoga mat to the person with the most cleans in a month.
  3. Show and tell. You may not feel comfortable mandating people to clean their mats, but you can show them how to use the MatFresher. Simply designate certain desk, instructors or ambassadors to bring one student to the MatFresher machine after each class. People follow others when they see something going on Plus the first few cleans are free for everyone. 
  4. Tell them all about it. You have many ways to reach your customers. Social media, newsletters, and word of mouth are some. Make sure you are getting the message out about having a MatFresher in your studio. If they don’t know about it, how can they know to use it. You know best what works for your clients. 

The MatFresher yoga mat cleaning machine, holding an automatically-rolled exercise mat in its chamber.

MatFresher is a new tool to clean and sanitize your yoga mats for free. In fact, using MatFresher in your studio helps increase your bottom line. Your studio earns money for every clean yoga mat sanitized with MatFresher,