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The Truth About UV Light for Sanitizing Yoga Mats

UV light can be effective for sanitizing yoga mats.
UV light can be effective for sanitizing yoga mats.

Sanitizing yoga mats with UV light is new. Consumers have become interested in ultraviolet light for sanitizing surfaces and objects.  Research shows that UVC radiation can be highly effective at disinfecting air, water and nonporous surfaces. The effectiveness of UV light depends on the amount of light, distance from the surface, and time of exposure.

Not So Simple

It’s not so simple. The surface has to be smooth and clean of debris for UVC light to work. Dirt and hair on top of harmful bacteria can make UVC useless. Porous surfaces can block UVC from penetrating where viruses like to hide. This means that yoga mats need more than just UV light for sanitizing them.

The UV light has to be in contact with the surface for a specific amount of time to be effective. Plus, the dosage of the bulbs matters too. According to the IES Committee on Germicidal Ultraviolet light, the ultraviolet spectral band known as the “UV-C,” from 200 to 280 nanometers (nm), have been shown to be the most effective for disinfection, although longer, less energetic UV can also disinfect if applied in much greater doses.” This means that if the dose of the UV light isn’t strong enough, the duration would need to be longer.


There is a lot of misinformation about how to clean a yoga mat. Some have tried spraying, vacuuming, scrubbing with soap and water, soaking in the bathtub, and even using the washing machine. This can be inconvenient. Plus, they can damage the mat and they don’t really work.

MatFresher sanitizes exercise and yoga mats.
MatFresher uses UV light to sanitize yoga mats.

Why MatFresher?

MatFresher is the only hands-free, multi-step solution to clean and sanitize mats. MatFresher brushes away dirt and debris, in addition to using UVC light.  It completes cleaning with an all-natural sanitizing spray. Better than that, mats are automatically rolled and ready to go in 30 seconds. Contact us to learn more.