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Clean Your Yoga Mat = Heart Healthy Good Habits

February is heart health month. One in three women will die of heart diseases and one in four men. Yoga can be the answer to a healthier heart but don’t forget to clean your yoga mat.

Stress increases your risk factors for heart disease. Yoga is the perfect exercise to reduce stress.

So what can you do to take better care of your heart?

Reduce your risk factors. Eat more fruits and vegetables, stop smoking, know your risk, reduce stress and be physically active. Yoga is a perfect activity to reduce stress and keep your body active. 

Going regularly to yoga classes means you’ll be using your yoga mat often. Yoga mats are a magnet for germs. Research shows that yoga mats can harbor more germs than smartphones, toilets and airplane seats combined. 

But how can you keep your yoga mat clean?

Clean your yoga mat
Wipes and sprays are expensive and don’t really work. Clean your yoga mat effectively.

Wipes and sprays are a good start but they can miss areas. UVC light can be an option but not when it can’t penetrate the pores where pathogens love to multiply.

Peace of mind is important. A clear mind starts with a clean mat. MatFresher brushes away dirt and debris, kills germs with powerful UVC light, and sprays mats with an all-natural sanitizing spray that penetrates the pores that light can’t reach. Isn’t it time to clean your yoga mat?

Does your gym or studio have MatFresher? MatFresher is free to studios. It doesn’t add an expense and provides a new service to your clients. MatFresher costs customers less than the price of a cup of coffee and studios share in the revenue.