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5 Tips for Yoga Studio Owners to Reopen Responsibly 

COVID Conditions are getting better

COVID-19 vaccines are now available. Hospital ICU beds are at lower percentages for COVID. Total case numbers are decreasing and restrictions on yoga and fitness studios are loosening. Being ready to open your gym or studio for full indoor classes is key. There are many things you can do to reopen responsibly. 

Here are five tips to reopen responsibly 

  1. Share your checklist. No doubt you have a cleaning checklist for sanitizing protocols. Check into the  COVID-19 CDC guidelines. Be sure to share this information on your website, social media and even at your front desk with signage. Videos work best for social. Create a link on your website’s homepage with all the safety measures you are taking. 
  2. Keep members coming back. Your safety and cleaning protocols will make students feel safer coming back. Give them personal attention and care to keep them coming back. MatFresher is a novel mat cleaning machine for your clients’ yoga mats. MatFresher differentiates your yoga studio from others that only offer wipes or sprays. Plus wipes and sprays increase your expenses and aren’t effective. MatFresher is free for studios and gyms. Better yet, it generates new revenue with every check-in!
  3. Air it out. Adding  HVAC filtration systems can help. But for many studio owners, changing to air purification systems would be too costly. A simpler way is using fans to circulate the air. Floor fans are an inexpensive solution and will keep clients from breathing stagnant air. 
  4. Word up. Add signage to your studio. CDC requires studios to post “social distancing and mask-wearing” posters.. They also recommend floor stickers that designate where students stand while waiting for classes. Plan out your studio space and mark the floor with bright tape to line up customer mats and other equipment.
  5. Do their part. Now is the time to ask your clients to do their part. It is a good idea to have all students coming back to the gym or yoga studio sign a pledge to healthy living, wearing masks and even cleaning their yoga mats regularly. 
reopen responsibly with a mask and clean mat pledge
Wear a mask, socially distance with members, clean your yoga mat with MatFresher

Why MatFresher?

MatFresher is the only hands-free, multi-step solution to clean and sanitize mats. Not only does MatFresher brush away dirt and debris, in addition to killing germs with powerful UVC light, the all-natural sanitizing spray penetrates the pores that light can’t reach.  Mats are then neatly rolled and ready-to-go in 30 seconds! Contact MatFresher to find out more.