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Share the Love with your Clients with Complimentary Yoga Mat Cleaning

February is here and Valentine’s Day is coming – the day when lovers and loved ones express affection with greetings, cards, and chocolates. Around the country, exercise enthusiasts are returning indoors to workout and enjoy fitness classes. It’s time to show your members the “love”.  MatFresher is the only yoga mat cleaning machine that loves your studio and clients. Here are 3 ways to share the love with your clients.

3 Ways to Share the Love with Your Clients

share the love
Show members the love. Yoga mat cleaning with MatFresher.
  1. Buddy Pass. A great promotion for the month of February is selling a buddy pass. For some gyms and studios, one more person taking up space with limited numbers due to COVID restrictions can be a challenge but, a buddy pass for the month can bring in additional referrals and revenue. Friends gift buddy passes for free virtual classes and then attend in-studio class together.
  2. Clean their mat for them. A sign of affection is doing something nice for someone else. What better way to say “I love you” then sanitizing their yoga mat. Have each instructor bring out one special member (or two or three) to your MatFresher. Then clean their mat. With MatFresher every new student gets three free cleans! In addition, your instructor will be their hero and it won’t cost a thing.
  3. Call them by their first name. It’s not easy getting to know every student’s name. It shows you care. Take photos of each student and then place them on a wall in the shape of a heart. Students can take their own picture with an inexpensive Polaroid camera and share in the love. 

If your studio doesn’t have MatFresher yet, now is the time to get on board. Love your students a little more by giving them an easy-to-use, novel way to clean their yoga mats in under 30 seconds. 

clean yoga mats = happy students
Friends clean their yoga mat together.

Why MatFresher?

MatFresher is the only hands-free, multi-step solution to clean and sanitize mats. Not only does MatFresher brush away dirt and debris, in addition to killing germs with powerful UVC light, all-natural, sanitizing spray penetrates the pores that light can’t reach. Mats are then neatly rolled and ready-to-go in 30 seconds!