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Yoga Mats Make Me Sick

October 1, 2020

A clean yoga mat is a must for a clear mind and healthy practice. Flu season is nearly upon us, and in light of COVID-19, taking measures to protect the immune system is imperative. So, have you considered the ways that your yoga mat could make you sick? Believe it or not, exercise mats are some of the dirtiest objects we contact regularly. In fact, they can be as filthy as an airplane seat or a toilet. A Professor at Rutgers School of Medicine, Robert Lahitia, claimed, “A yoga mat is basically an inanimate object used to spread an infection.” We often haphazardly wipe mats to visibly remove sweat or dirt, but most contain deep pockets that house hard-to-remove bacteria. A quick wipedown of the mat’s surface leaves these pockets unreached and germs nearly untouched.

Exercise mats within your gym or studio are a magnet for infections.

Along with various types of fungi and viruses, Lahitia also stated, “A yoga mat is a perfect incubator for many of our skin infections.” If a mat is not cleaned properly after use within a gym or studio, the next person using it could contract any number of germs. This is particularly dangerous with the intimate contact one has with a mat during a yoga practice. And the type of germs present goes beyond those related to the common cold. The bacteria from a student with a staph infection could be clinging to your facility’s mats. Without efficiently disinfecting shared mats, these infections can be introduced to other members. The risk is even greater during a hot yoga practice, as bacteria typically thrives in warm, humid settings.

Members of a hot yoga class could unknowingly be practicing on a hotbed of germs.

You may think you’re safe by scrubbing the surface of a mat with bleach. Did you know that many standard cleaning products contain ingredients that are harmful to the lungs? These could be doing more harm than good to students’ health while simultaneously leaving bacteria on the mat.

Another solution for avoiding shared germs could be to advise members to bring their own exercise mats to class. However, the same problem of spreading illness remains if a student isn’t disinfecting their own mat correctly. Though the mat isn’t shared, the student can personally be re-introduced to bacteria during their next practice. It may sound like a no-brainer, but disinfecting our equipment is of the utmost concern. Members cannot take care of their bodies without also taking care of what their bodies contact.

A student’s personal exercise mat could still spread germs throughout your facility.

So, if household disinfectants and standard methods of cleaning aren’t truly effective, how can studios avoid spreading germs without breaking the bank? MatFresher was developed to solve the challenges of maintaining clean mats. It is the only multi-sanitizing mat cleaning machine that eliminates microscopic threats. MatFresher also increases studio revenue and requires no investment or commitment. It’s a machine that brings peace of mind and ease to your facility’s sanitization process, allowing staff or students to wash mats before and after class. With so many perks, it’s helpful to understand how the mat cleaning machine does its job:

  1. Before sanitizing, MatFresher uses a two-sided roller system with soft brushes to gently remove hair and debris from the mat.
  2. The machine applies a powerful, germicidal UV light to the mat’s surface. This application destroys up to 99.99% of the most common bacteria, viruses, and fungi.
  3. A 100% all-natural cleaning solution sanitizes the mat. This chemical-free solution is 120x more effective than bleach and leaves the mat with a fresh, undistracting scent.
  4. The MatFresher machine neatly and automatically rolls the mat for you so you’re on your way in 30 seconds or less.
The profit-increasing MatFresher Mat Cleaning Machine.

It’s a process that takes less time than cleaning a mat on your own and that guarantees safer results. If the point of exercise is to cleanse the mind and body, why risk sickness with an exercise mat that isn’t actually clean? Visit today to learn more about how your studio can increase revenue and customer satisfaction.