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The Cleaner the Mat, The Clearer the Mind

September 15, 2020

As a yoga studio or gym providing yoga classes, you’re probably familiar with the term “Saucha”. The word refers to two categories of cleanliness: internal and external. Many associate the practice of yoga with purifying and clearing the mind – the internal. But how often do we emphasize the impact of external cleanliness on a practice?

Saucha’s external element relates to both the body and the environment. Our environment includes our equipment, like yoga mats, and the air and land that surround us. When we promote health for these external factors, we ultimately focus on self in an unselfish manner. Cleanliness should be achieved through methods that don’t harm the environment. Sanitizing our exercise mats should also avoid distracting those around us. Most mainstream cleaning products for mats accomplish neither. Increasing carbon footprints and expelling strong odors contradicts the purpose of a yoga practice.

MatFresher, the only multi-sanitizing mat cleaning machine, seeks to promote Saucha comprehensively. MatFresher is offered to yoga studios and gyms so students and staff can safely clean a mat before and after class. Before understanding what this entails for the mind, the mat, and the environment, it’s helpful to know how the machine operates.

  1. Before sanitizing, MatFresher uses a two-sided roller system with soft brushes to gently remove hair and debris from the mat.
  2. The machine applies a powerful, germicidal UV light to the mat’s surface. This application destroys up to 99.99% of bacteria, viruses, and fungi.
  3. A 100% all-natural cleaning solution sanitizes the mat. This chemical-free solution is 120x more effective than bleach and provides a fresh, undistracting scent.
  4. The MatFresher machine neatly and automatically rolls the mat for you so you’re on your way in 30 seconds or less.

A major purpose of a MatFresher wash is to promote cleanliness for the body and mind. When the concept of MatFresher was born, we understood that a clean environment is crucial to a clear mind. This is why the mat cleaning machine includes the key step of removing hair and debris from the mat. We also seek to ensure clarity for all who surround us during a practice. This is why we intentionally developed a cleaning solution without a strong odor.

Other characteristics of the machine exemplify MatFresher’s concern for the larger environment. With a MatFresher mat cleaning machine, your facility can dramatically decrease use of disposable wipes and spray containers. On top of being more green, the completely all-natural cleaning solution is safe for the air and human skin. Sanitation is another primary objective, and the act of killing harmful viruses positively impacts our bodies and environments. Intentionally safeguarding against bacteria, we look out for our own health and that of others. We maintain balance when we protect our bodies against germs and chemicals. When the body is healthy, peace of mind is possible, and this is what we seek when we practice yoga.

To learn more about how MatFresher can promote internal and external Saucha within your facility, schedule a demo at Also learn what makes MatFresher different from other mat cleaning machines: