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How to increase profitability during Covid

October 15, 2020

While hundreds of gyms and studios remain closed or partly open, due to COVID-19 guidelines, businesses are struggling to keep their doors open. Businesses are struggling with financial sustainability. Membership is down, and people are still hesitant to return to indoor facilities. Business owners must pivot and find new ways to attract members and revenue.

Losing money
Business losses

Safety protocol and procedures for disinfecting and sanitizing have never been more important. Most members and instructors do not realize regular disinfecting spray or wipes are not enough to truly clean their mat.

Germs are pathogens


A mat is also a perfect incubator for many of our skin infections. Mats have contagions lurking on them too including strep, flesh-eating strep (yikes!) and a variety of staph, including Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), which likes to hang out on fomites and can cause real problems. 

Feel safe, more effective than cleaning supplies

While members and staff may have previously considered mat sprays or wipes as sufficient sanitation measures, heightened concerns have led to higher expectations for how to keep their mats free of harmful germs. Providing the most effective and convenient method of cleaning a mat can be an important element in retaining and expanding your clientele while making staff feel safer.

The MatFresher mat cleaning machine is a game-changer! MatFresher will kill bacteria, viruses, and fungi, removing the guesswork from sanitization keeping your members safe and clean – for a fraction of the normal cleaning time.

MatFresher is the perfect partner for your business and your staff. Returning staff may have concerns about safety and sanitation. The MatFresher cleaning technology will help you re-opening at scale while giving staff peace-of-mind and confidence in safety.

MatFresher also provides added value as a revenue-driver for your gym and studios. More effective than DIY yoga soaps or harsh antimicrobial chemicals, MatFresher is an encouragement to attend class in person and then EARNS YOU NEW REVENUE with each check-in. MatFresher creates a new residual revenue stream for your business.

Compare how MatFresher saves money
Save money with MatFresher and feel confidently clean

How MatFresher works for gyms and studios:

  1. Schedule an introduction Simply schedule a call with one of our yogi’s to learn more about MatFresher and to request machines for your studio today.
  2. Get MatFresher Once you sign up to be a MatFresher studio, we will coordinate a convenient delivery time for your studio. Roll it in, plug it in and turn it on.
  3. Clean with MatFresher With the MatFresher installed in your gym or studio, your students and staff can use it for mat washes before and after class.

MatFresher can help generate new income for your gym or studio while bringing peace-of-mind to your members. The machine does not cost you anything, so you can focus on increasing your bottom line. Schedule a free demo today at