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2021 New Year Goals for Gym and Studio Owners 

January 1, 2021

Traditionally, the new year brings a sense of rebirth. In the fitness and yoga industries, studio owners know that this is a good time for new students to walk in the door and recommit to their health goals. So what are your studio goals for 2021? 

MatFresher 2021 Goals

Here are 4 tips for setting 2021 new year goals for gym and studio owners.

  1. Recommit to cleanliness. In this time of COVID-19,  emphasis on cleanliness is imperative. Whether you have a fitness gym or yoga studio, equipment used by students needs to be safe and clean. Equipment like leg presses, treadmills, and dumbbells pose their own unique situation for cleaning. The good news is that yoga mats can be quickly, easily and safely sanitized with MatFresher.  The machine is free for gyms and studios!
  2. Recommit to a friendly staff.  Many clients have been working out at home during the pandemic.  What keeps them coming into the studio is community. Properly trained staff are key to nurturing your culture. Try the WEFISH approach for training them.

       3. Recommit to marketing. Sales start with a win-win approach. Make sure to listen to your current clients about why they are coming to your studio. Use this information in your marketing campaigns. Plan out each month and commit to a full year outline. When things get busy having an outline can help keep your goals on track. 

       4. Recommit to knowing your people. Take the time to know your staff names and little about them personally can go a long way to creating a relationship that helps build your business. But don’t forget that you should learn a little about your students as well. 

Try having a competition with instructors and staff on how many members they can get to know during the first quarter of the year. Challenge your team to know something unique about each member.  Have a staff meeting to share the information.  Offer a prize for whoever knows the most about your clients or the most interesting unique things about them. Making it fun and competitive can produce great results. 

Why MatFresher?

MatFresher is the best way to sanitize yoga mats.

MatFresher is the only hands-free, multi-step solution to clean and sanitize mats. Not only does MatFresher brush away dirt and debris, in addition to killing germs with powerful UVC light, all-natural sanitizing spray penetrates the pores that light can’t reach.  Mats are then neatly rolled and ready-to-go in 30 seconds!

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